The Video Game

The Mouse Bites video game has arrived. Don’t make a thing about it.

Download the Android app here. Windows, MacOS and iOS users can run a dumpier version of the game in HTML5 here.

Adjust your device volume on the first screen or you won’t hear the theme song.

iPhone user? You’re S.O.L.

Play this game on good speakers or headphones to hear the bass on the soundtrack. Or don’t. We don’t really care what you do.

Excerpts from a longer review of the game by William, 54, from Atlantic City, NJ:

“The main character retains the originality of expressing the reality we all live in. I’m in complete accord with its sentiment…  [T]he graphics were stunningly-well drawn & designed. The geometric representation & location of every object in every scene was precisely positioned & presented. Wonderful job.”